• 2X Mr. Utah,​ Lars Evans Toensing:

​Has been with the NSCA, (National Strength and Conditioning

Association), since 2009.

  • ​Here at Team Hulk Fitness, we strive to work with your

goals, injuries, ​an limitations to bring you the best results while

staying safe and healthy.

  • ​Are you looking for weight loss, muscle gain, exercise programs

or just want to learn the basics. Then TEAM HULK is the right choice.

Unlike any other organization, the NSCA brings together a diverse

group of professionals from the sport science, athletic,

allied health, and fitness industries. These individuals are all in pursuit of achieving a common goal—the utilization of proper strength training and conditioning to improve athletic performance and fitness.

  • I am now taking clients for morning and afternoon time slots. Located in South Jordan, Utah/Tooele, Utah. Please contact me ASAP. I have just a few open times left.

*August* All Sessions $50.00

Buy 10 or more sessions get 2 free sessions FREE!

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